Thursday, 28 May 2015

Singing In The Rain - Interhouse Rugby 2015

So you are probably very confused as to what this is about right now (unless you go to my school then you will definitely understand). Every year my school has interhouse rugby. Basically it's an afternoon where the different houses (Ragleth, Lawley, Hazler & Caradoc - I'm in Ragleth incase you were wondering) play rugby against each other. Anyone in the school can play in the different age groups. Obviously I didn't play because well I'm not good at sports, but everyone gets the afternoon off lessons and we all have to go down to the big field to "watch" the rugby. I say watch but really a lot of people just take it as an oppourtunity to have fun with their friends, which is exactly what me, Kinno, Olivia & Catherine did.

(Not sure this is the most attractive picture but it's the only one I have as we aren't allowed phones at school)

We started off the afternoon with a picnic (Liv & Kinno's idea) which was amazing. I'm not sure you could actually call it a picnic as it consisted of pringles, magic stars, skittles and galaxy salted caramel. We (Olivia) brought a picnic blanket for us to sit on so we didn't get wet or muddy which was literally the best idea ever as you will find out later on, and Kinno brought a proper blanket to have over us as it was reasonably chilly. We also brought cookies from one of the stands they had raising money for a school trip or something like that, which can I just say were AMAZING!

 We spent the first 30 minutes of the afternoon chatting and eating until about 45 minutes in it began to rain. At first we stayed how we were because it was only light rain, not too heavy. But as the afternoon continued the rain got heavier and heavier. In the end we had to move around a bit and sit in the middle next to each other. At first we tried holding my coat over our heads to stop us getting to wet, but after multiple hits in the face from the zip blowing in the wind, we gave up on that idea.

Now the rain was pouring down, but still we decided to not let it ruin the day. We were all freezing and soaking wet by this point and looked like right weirdos. We gave up on all hope of not looking crazy and decided to sing in the rain (by sing I mean we sat there screaming the lyrics to 'Let It Go'). Trust me we were given a LOT of strange looks from other students and teachers, however a few of our other friends and a couple of teachers joined in when they walked past.

The day ended with my bus being 20 minutes late to pick us up from school, so I had to stand on the pavement outside my school waiting for our bus until one teacher finally let us in reception to wait inside.

Overall it was a pretty fun/crazy/slightly strange day but I really enjoyed it and I can now tick singing in the rain off my bucket list :)

Angharad xoxo

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