Sunday, 4 January 2015

2014 In Photos.

I decided I would put this post together of some of my favourite photo's I've taken in 2014. Most of them are of memories with my friend's and fun times. Sorry for the bad quality of the photos, they have all been taken on my iPhone 4. I hope you enjoy.

(From the left: Megan, Fran, Charlotte, Annabel, Kristi, Me, Helena & Tyler) 
This is the first picture I have chosen. It was taken back in April when I went on a trip to France with my school. It's just of me and a group of the other girls who went, but we are all wearing our matching tops that everyone got given that day. I just think it's a really cute picture and one of my favourites from the whole trip.

(From the left: Minnie, Me, Kinno, Pudsey Bear, Jim & Frank)
Again this is another from the French Trip. It's of me and a group of my friends with a huge Pudsey Bear. We took it at a service station on the way back. 

(There's way to many to name, but I'm on the 3rd row from the front, 3 people in, wearing a blue coat)
This is just a really nice picture of all of us who went on the French trip and was taken on the steps of Nausicaa Sea Life Center.

This is one of the cutest pictures of me I have found. My friend Olivia took it in the spring, while I was at her house. In the picture I am holding her little Tortoise Neville (I actually suggested the name) and he was so cute!

This was taken at a barbecue at my school during activities week (A week before school ended). Basically a huge group of me and my friends sat on the quad eating our hotdogs and playing truth or dare, It was one of the best days of school in 2014.

(From the left: Me, Chloe and Jessie in the back ground)
This is one of my favourite pictures ever of me and my friend Chloe, on her last day at my school last year. In september she left my school to go to a different school, which was and still is really sad for me as she is one of my closest friends and I miss her so much!

This picture is of me, but was taken by my sister Holly. I just really like it and I know it's like really "tumblr" but I like it.

(From the left: Catherine, Vicky, Me, Kinno)
This is my favourite photo of me and my friends. We took it on the last day of term before the Christmas Holidays.

(From the left: Catherine, Kate, Vicky, Kinno, Me)
This is just one of those "How many people can you fit in one photo" kind of selfie, but I think it's really cute. It's actually quite a nice photo, I mean we all look quite nice, minus Kinno being cray cray in the top right corner. 

(From left: Catherine, Vicky, Me)
I thought I would end the post with a funny photo. This is just a casual silly selfie that we took on the last day before Christmas as well. I just think it's really cute. 

So these are all my favourite photos from 2014, there are a few others I like but I didn't include them because I didn't want to make this post to long.
I hope you enjoyed!

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