Thursday, 8 January 2015

Dear Bullies and Haters...

Dear bullies and haters:
I don't know wether you realise how bad you make people feel. Its sick. You may think it's just a joke or stupid comments but its not, you don't understand how sad it makes people feel and how much it lowers their self esteem. Calling someone fat isn't funny. Making fun of someone because of their skin colour or hair colour isn't funny either. Its sick and its mean. Do you know how many people commit suicide per year because of bullying? Its a pretty big number. Do you know how many people self harm because of bullying? Thats a pretty big number too. Do you even know how bad someone must feel to deliberately hurt themselves? Cause i do. Calling someone fat isn't funny either, they could end up hating themselves so much, and even go as far as starving themselves because of it. Everyone is fighting their own secret battles, so why make things worse for them. Its not funny. Its not fair. It hurts. People actually start believing the things you say, if you call someone stupid, or fat or a bitch or ugly, its only a matter of time before they start thinking it's true. Theres a quote i like from a film called Cyberbully which really describes this - "I don't know why everyone hates me so much, but maybe I do because now, I hate me too". You need to realise how much damage you can do to someone by calling them names or making fun of them for little things, like if someone doesn't know an answer in class, why make fun of them for it? It doesn't help anyone. Bullying is not okay at all. And well making fun of people who have mental illnesses is completely wrong. Telling them they are faking it? Why would someone fake having something like anxiety or depression? Because its not funny. Having anxiety is really scary, as for depression, it destroys you, you cant really understand unless you've been through it. And as for making fun of people who self harm, saying its for attention, that's just fucking wrong. These people already feel so bad about themselves to do that, then for someone to go say it's stupid or that they are doing it for attention, it's just pushing them further into a hole, and if you're not careful, that hole will end up being their grave. And skinny shaming? You think it's okay just because they are skinny? It's not. It's just as bad as being mean to someone who is bigger. Judging someone on their weight is horrible. And calling someone anorexic is completely wrong. Anorexia is a very serious mental illness, not a size. Another thing I don't understand is why people make fun of people who have a crush on other people. At my school so many people are too scared to say who they like because they are afraid of people judging them for something they can't change, which I think is really sad that people can't even share something like that without people being mean to them about it. Same goes for things people like, for example bands and things, why judge someone based on their music taste? Maybe they like someone different from you but in the end, it doesn't really matter.  I cant even say everything i wanted to in this, but if any of you ever need someone to talk to please dm me on Instagram or Twitter or whatever social media you want, i will listen, I will care, I won't tell anyone unless you ask me to, and I won't judge you. I've also decided I am going to start a series on YouTube talking about things like this, for example, some of the videos I have already planned titles are: Bullying needs to stop, no one is 100% normal, depression, dealing with anxiety & panic attacks, self harm & suicide, being single on valentines day & a lot more. The series will be called #HadSays so if you ever want to tweet me anything to do with the series please use the hashtag. You can also leave some requests of videos in the comments if you want to. Also sorry for the huge rant I just needed to get this out there and please don't hate on me for saying all this because I was actually so scared about posting this.
Lots of Love, Angharad xoxo

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