Sunday, 22 March 2015

Movie Marathon Gone Wrong..

Today I went to my friend Liv's house with my other friend Kinno. We were planning on having a Hunger Games movie marathon as Mockingjay part one just came out on DVD, but when we got there we decided it was a really nice, warm day (which hardly ever happens in England) so we thought we would make the most of the day and go outside. First we went to this place called Parr's Pool, which was basically a lakey pond thing which was really pretty:

Then we went to what they call "Top Pitch", basically a huge field with a football pitch, where we sat in the sun making daisy chains and talking for ages.

Then finally we planned to go to this Sensory Garden but none of us actually knew where we were going so ended up walking for quite a while and finally got to a road which turned out to be the like main road through their town which was cool because we finally knew where we were. After that we gave up on the sensory garden and instead we just decided to go to the park which was really fun. Through the many fields and woods we walked through (before we found out where we were) we took these pictures:

Overall it was such a great day and I wish we had more days like that. Fingers crossed there will be a few more in the coming spring/summer months. There will also be a vlog of the day being uploaded on my vlog channel on Thursday so if you want to watch that when it's uploaded you can subscribe to that channel ( I hope you liked this style of post as I found it really fun to make, let me know your thoughts and wether I should do more of these like 'Day In My Life' posts? x