Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Things are changing...

I've decided I want a change. A change of this blog. I feel like I've just been writing posts for the sake of them, all of which have mainly been beauty themed as I never really dedicated time to writing them. I also want to change my blog name and URL so when people come on to it they don't think oh this is going to be beauty themed because that's not how I want it to be.

I've decided I want my blog to be personal, where I can share my thoughts and opinions on things, or stories about things that have happened to me. Thing like my two "different" posts where I talked about haters and standing up for yourself. I want my posts to me more like that and less like the standard "Beauty Guru" blogs where everything is makeup/fashion themed. Which don't get me wrong, I love them, but recently I've been enjoying more chatty/personal blogs, which is the kind of stuff I want to write about.

The topics this blog is now going to be about are:

  • Chatty posts - I want to share experiences/stories or things that have happened. Like funny things.
  • Advicey posts - Kind of like my #HadSays series on YouTube but blog version. Topics like Bullying, confidence and things like that.
  • Photography posts - I've been so into photography recently its like unreal, and I just love taking pictures of things, wether it be places I've been or even just things in my house or my garden.
  • Beauty - I still want to do posts about this considering it is one of the things I love.
  • Fashion - I still want to talk about this because its something I love a lot, especially fashion photography so expect to see some of that.
  • Lifestyle - I want to make posts on things like baking, books, music, travel, all kinds of things. 
  • The Future - I want to talk about my dreams, my hopes, my goals, things I want to do.

I've decided to change my blog name to "Thoughts At Thirteen" because I feel like its more true than "A Does Beauty" as I feel it is now more appropriate as these are my thoughts which won't all be beauty related. 

I hope you will support me on this decision and if you have anything you want to say please leave it in the comments.

Angharad, xoxo 


  1. I follow just one beauty blog, but they tend to get plain after a while unless the content is new and fresh and fun in general. :) I really like this new blog- just thought I'd let you know! I too love chatty blogs, which is why I created mine.
    ~ Sanjana

  2. Thank you! I do love a good old beauty blog or fashion blog, but I find they get boring sometimes too. My favourite kind are the ones that have a mix of everything! <3 x