Wednesday, 17 June 2015

It's Kind Of A Crazy Story...

Wow. Okay, where to start with this one. I have something CRAZY to tell you that happened a few weeks ago. Something so crazy I didn't believe it at first. I have already spoken about this on my YouTube so if you want to see that click here.

Okay so background information: May 11th-17th was mental health awareness week, and mental health being something close to my heart - I decided to make a little video to show awareness during this week. It was nothing special, I didn't think anything of it at all. I uploaded it on Sunday 10th and carried on doing what I usually do, not thinking it was any different to my other videos. 

It got to Monday at school, a few of my friends or people I know said nice things about the video or wore something green. I was happy I had even got one person to show awareness. I got home that day and checked my emails like I normally do. Except I had a rather special email.

The email was the from the producer of 'The Chrissy B Show' which airs on Sky 203. They wanted to use MY video in their show on that Friday. I was so shocked, excited and slightly confused. My video. A video I made. They found my small channel out of thousands, and liked the video enough to actually use it! (click here to watch the video). I frantically texted Liv and showed her it and to be honest, she seemed even more excited than I was (and I was really excited!). 

A few hours (a day actually) and emails later, I recieved another message from the producer confirming my video would be used. I got the email on Tuesday, a day after the original email, in a maths lesson to be precise (I know what you're thinking - "Angharad you're not allowed phones in lessons" - yes, yes I know but it was at the end so I took a sneeky peek). I think that moment was the most excited I've ever been. I mean come on, I WAS ON TV :)))

The day went on and slowly (quite quickly actually considering my friends were walking around practically screaming it to anyone in  one metre radius) more and more people found out - including quite a few teachers who all had the same things to say: "What for?", "Oh thats incredible well done". My personal favourite comment was from one of the french teachers. She was covering a PSHE lesson on whether there is a difference between celebrities and famous people. Towards the end of the lesson we were talking about meeting famous people so me and a few others said we haven't met anyone famous. She said "No I haven't either...oh wait yeah I have, I've met you Angharad". I would just like to thank everyone who said congrats and was really supportive :)

I'm not going to go into detail about all the other days up till Friday but it was definitely a crazy week. The show aired on Friday 15th at 10pm on Sky 203 (you can watch it on their YouTube channel here). I am so happy and so thankful to be given this incredible opportunity!

Angharad xoxo


  1. I am SO proud of you! It must have been a mind blowing time and so glad you have created awareness for such a worthwhile cause xx